Messianic Community or commonly known as KM is the essential core of the church – it’s the place where people can grow together in unity and it provides a friendly environment where non-believers can learn about God.

In KM, every one is encouraged to grow in their talents, knowledge of scripture and personal experience with God.
We invite those of you who are not a part of KM yet to join and experience a life changing, purpose directed, and fun filled fellowship.

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KM is defined by three themes: one heart; growing together; win souls

KM is the place where the Body of Christ receives their exercise. Just like a body can not function well without regular exercises, the people of God will not be able to live their life to maximum potential unless they received the proper maintenance that will enable them to.

KM provides opportunity for every individual in the body of God to grow and discover their God given potentials.

In KM, individuals will be able to grow both horizontally and vertically. KM gives opportunity for everyone to start building relationship with one another, and most importantly, with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Apostle Paul mentions in the book of 1 Corinthian chapter 12, the importance of having many parts of the body, but yet stay as one. KM is a place where different part of the body of Christ can meet together and learn to work together, helping each other in times of need, and strive to become one well function body.

We encourage every individual to join KM and work together to achieve his or her God-given destiny. KM is the heartbeat of the church and we want everyone to take part in it. It offers every individual the chance they needed to grow stronger in the Lord, but also having fun while striving together to reach the finish line.