A Job Down Under – Jan 14

By Grace Susatyo


Leaving university with a degree is an exciting time. However, how can you as a fresh graduate stand out from other students in today’s competitive job market? I have noticed lots of students are doing internship to boost their resumes. InIndonesia, we used to call it “magang” and I am sure many of you have heard about it as well. But what exactly is an internship and why students are doing it? If you want to know more about it, stay tune reading this article.

What is an internship?

Internship is a program designed to provide “hands on” professional work experience in your area of study. It is specifically designed to offer entry-level workplace opportunities based on students’ academic studies.  Completing this program will make you stand out from the crowd as throughout the experience you have put the theoretical university knowledge into practice in a real life workplace. This program is common inAustralia, and it can be either paid or unpaid. Although there is no guarantee, this program can lead to a paid job within the company if opportunities arise in future.

Benefits of Internship

Doing an internship is a great way to improve your English, meet interesting people and learn from industry professionals who work in your area. Apart from that, you will definitely gain valuable knowledge about your industry and practical experience in the real marketplace rather than just reading it from a textbook. As a bonus, it will make your resume shines brighter than other students if you have completed this program. An internship is also a perfect opportunity to develop links and networks which will benefit you in the future.

Who are eligible for this program?

To be eligible for an internship, you must have an adequate English proficiency level, previous study related to the chosen internship field, be a recent graduate (not more than 2 years after your graduation), appropriate visa for international students.

Where can I find an Internship Program?

Some universities require internship to be completed as part of students’ coursework for them to be qualified for their degrees. Other than that, internship opportunities will be advertised from the Faculty, the University’s Careers Service, or Career Expo. Students are also encouraged to contact organisations themselves to find opportunities. Speak to your Career Advisor on how to polish your resume and cover letter when applying for one.

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