And if I not there yet? – Apr 14

By Yosia Yusuf


Dear you…


I’m writing this letter on behalf of all single man and women who are waiting for you to come. For all I know, I might have already met you. If not, then hopefully sooner or later our path will cross. With that said, let me tell you few things about me…


I believe it is not good for me to be alone. God created me with the need of relationship. I was not created to survive on my own. Deep within me, there is a longing that can only be met by relating to another. Therefore, I’m eagerly anticipating the day that we will come together. But I was not created for you. God created me in His image to reflect His glory to you. That’s why my primary focus in life is not you but knowing Him whom in His image I was created. The only way I can relate to you the way God intended is by knowing Him first. And if I’m not there yet, please wait.


I believe that you and I are created to fit one another. We are like two pieces of puzzle that fit together because they are neither exactly alike nor randomly different, but they are different in such a way that fit each other. However, in order to fit you I must be willing to be shaped. I have lived my life on my own for many years and it won’t be easy for me to make space for you to fit in. Therefore, I need Jesus to shape me and need to submit my life to His Lordship before I meet you. That way, we can submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. And if I’m not there yet, please wait.


I believe our love story is not about us but about Christ. We are both created of equal value and in the image and likeness of God but with different roles. Wives are to submit to husbands in sacrificial submission to Christ and husbands are to sacrificially give their life for their wives the way Christ loves the church. When my primary focus is on you I will inevitably crash and burn. But when I know that our relationship is to reflect the glory of Christ, He will enable me. And if I’m not there yet, please wait.


I believe marriage is a wonderful gift but I do not believe marriage is ultimate. When the gift overshadows the Giver, then the gift no longer serves its purpose. There are special time and condition where the Giver decided to withhold the gift of marriage in order to shine light toward better and greater gift. If this is the case, I want you to know that I’m content. I’m content not because I do not want to meet you. I’m content because I have met the ultimate You, the greatest gift of all, Jesus. And if I’m here, please do not wait for me.







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