Drying Lights – Oct 13

By Robert Tanurahardja


Hello Easy Digest column reader. Would you go to your kitchen and find yourself your drinking glass. Fill the glass with water halfway and now sit and observe the glass in front of you. Is the glass half empty or half full? Now take the glass and ask your friend the same question. Does the answer the same as yours?


Once you try asking more people to answer the question, the more differences you will find.

Seeing the glass half-full means that you tend to see positively over a situation. On the other hand, seeing the glass half-empty means that you tend to see the negative side of a situation. People who think positively would likely try to make the most out of a situation while people with negative views would likely to throw hurdles or even ignore the situation.


Life is full of choices and it would be easier if decisions we have to make in life are always easy. However, in most cases they are not simple ones. Walking with God is not always an easy walk too. He disciplines His disciples more so often. To stay in His discipline or break away is proven to be a difficult decision to make, especially when others are involved in the mix. You can start to imagine how difficult it would be when you are presented with a seemingly half-full situation while surrounded by friends, families or colleagues who throws negative views towards your situation.


How would you maintain your positive attitudes among the negativities? You just stay strong! You are like a light shining in the darkness. Regardless of how you or people surrounds you perceive the situation, your glass is still half filled. It was presented to you not by coincidence. Other person may throw negative pessimistic views towards your glass. But it is not his/her glass to drink. Stay Faithful in God’s discipline.


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