Holidays!! – Dec 13

By Ebnu Wiyono


It is the season of holidays! That is the statement that most people would say when they enter the month of December.  December is one of my favourite months as it is the month full of joy and happiness. Imagine you walk inside a shopping centre and you hear Christmas songs are played everywhere, a lot of beautiful decorations, how could you not feel happy about it?

And as for most of university students, December is the freedom they have been waiting for (as most of them have just finished their exam). Let me share some ideas of how you can spend your holidays this month.

  1. Take a summer class! I remember myself when I was still studying, I never really had long holidays in December as I took summer class during December. Most of my friends went back to their own country for a 3 months holiday, but I chose to take it. By taking summer class, you not only shorten your time in university, you also saved your subject’s fee. Taking summer class might sacrifice your holidays, but if you can finish university faster and get to work earlier, is it not better?
  2. Find a casual job. I am always on the side of students who work while studying. For me, that shows a mature character and you can start learning to appreciate how to use the money that you get from it. And if you think that in December, there are not a lot of jobs vacancies, you are wrong. In fact, there are lots of casual jobs in December. Try to look for a casual job in a place like: Myer, Target, big W or any other groceries store. As their business will get busier in December, they require more casual people to work for them e.g. night/day filler position and cashiers.
  3. Visit places you have never been before. I love travelling and visit new places. The world is too big to be spent only in the same old places. Travelling to new places will give you new knowledge about this world and you will appreciate this earth more.
  4. Spend time with your loved ones. If this requires you to go back to your home country just to spend time with your loved ones, especially your family, then go back. It might sounds a bit boring spending times with family, but it is not. We must remember, as we are growing older, they also grow older and they need more of our attention. Share some love with them while you still can, because those opportunities might not be there all the time.

You might think that this is one of the easiest and simplest article ever published, but hey it is December, you deserve some light reading article J. Have an awesome and safe holidays! Joyeux Noël 2013 et bonne année 2014!!

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