No Hope? – Dec 15

No Hope?

By Eddy Suki


OMG! It is December, really? Suddenly, there is mixed feeling and what comes into your mind is I am getting old then followed by shopping time.


2015 is near to the end and if we look what have happened in Australia as well as worldwide then we can quickly summarize that no much positive stories that we can cheer or use as a bedtime story for our children or grandchildren…

  • Safety – ISIS is still active and much a threat to every countries in the world
  • Politics – Australia has a new prime minister and the fifth in 5 years. Good thing is Joko Widodo & Ahok are still in the office
  • Health – Cancer is still killing more people then Malaria, HIV and TBC. Mental issue are the rise
  • Finance – China sneezes and the whole world got the flu
  • Social Media – Facebook is still used by 1bn people on daily basis and Social Bullying is not getting any better
  • Entertainment – by 21 October 2015, 10 Back to Future II predictions came true ( This could be a good story.
  • Family – Divorce rates are still high and Same Sex Marriage is a hot topic in Australia


With all these negative news every day from every channels whether is digitally or socially, even a positive minded people will find it hard to have positive views about our world today, let alone you have a positive faith and hope. If you are a parent, then you start to concern for your children and their children.


Perhaps, we have been looking at the wrong stage all this time. Perhaps, there are good reasons why, the world have been inundated with all the issues so we can switch our attention to somewhere else. Perhaps, this article is the answer to all the questions you have. Keep reading…


Someone once said ‘… we were alienated and have no HOPE and without God in this world’. Yes, you are right we have no HOPE but luckily the statement does not end there. Paul continued with ‘But now in Christ Jesus you who were once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ’. Yes, it is Paul who addressed his folks in Ephesus (now is Turkey).


If Paul is right then he basically told us that if you lay your hope in this world then no wonder your life is miserable because there is no HOPE. However if you dare to put your HOPE in Christ, he can guarantee you that you will see a new life being revealed to you. I dare you today… You have nothing to lose.


It is December and soon we will celebrate the HOPE that was born into this world so, why don’t you celebrate your Christmas this year with a new HOPE in Christ.

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