Our Source of Faith – Oct 13

By Jeremiah Arifin


I totally admire the complete honesty and the sense of simplicity of this song.


Life with its ups and downs can sometimes seem like never-ending challenges, and the last thing we need is to go through hoops and hurdles of unnecessary rules and liturgies in order to just get ourselves to arrive at the Lord’s throne of grace.


These beautiful words in the song “Give Me Faith” by Elevation Worship undoubtedly take us into this presence of God that is truthful and honest. It allows us to boldly and directly come to the Lord without any kind of concealment or pretense. It encourages us to shout out the real cries within us and utter our genuine prayers of our hearts: that we are hardened individuals in need of Holy brokenness — that we are often blind towards the things of God and are in need of spiritual sight — that we can sometimes be unfaithful towards His love and are always in constant need to trust His words and His words only — that we have unworthy portions in our lives in need of heavenly cleansing — that we are weak and in need of real strength that can only come from Him.


The acknowledgement of our limitations alone does not and can never lead us to freedom. Only the truth revelation of the Lord can set us free. And that is exactly what this song proclaims: that the Lord is good – that the Lord is great – that His spirit is strong in us – and that He will never fail.


Whatever state of life we are in, when we are being open and honest to the Lord and proclaim His unfailing mighty power to transform us into what we would become, our hearts and our whole being will be able find rest in Him and we will find it a joy to be able to surrender our lives into His hand and give our lives to the One who have already given it all.

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