Personality at Workplace – May 14

By Cathline Augustiani


Let me introduce you to my work colleagues:


Colin: He might be the most efficient employee in the company. He does not only work hard but also work smart. However, he cannot adjust to others and thinks that no one is as smart as he is.


Mike: He is my boss. He has a very high standard. He will stay back till midnight to make sure the work is done appropriately as he expected.


Samantha: She is very loud. She does everything she can to attract attention by making jokes and babbling constantly. She always ask “Don’t you think I’m adorable?”


Peter: I wish I could be like him. He is very calm. He can just lie down behind his desk to take a nap when he is tired. He is hard worker however he worried if things are too much to be handled. Just before 5pm, he would disappear.


Well, I have met Colin, the Choleric; Mike, the Melancholy; Samantha, the Sanguine; and Peter, the Phlegmatic. I need to understand that each personality has its own particular set of emotional needs so that I can work well with them.


Littauer & Sweet (2011) in their book Personality Plus at Work outline the Basic Workplace Needs as per chart in the next page. Enjoy working with anyone – no matter what type of people they are – at your workplace!


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