Start Something That Matters – Sept 13

By Cathline Augustiani


Blake once went to Argentina as The Amazing Race’s contestant. After losing the competition and left with a big disappointment, he returned to that country for vacation and to learn the culture. He saw people wearing alpargata, traditional canvas shoes, almost everywhere. However, there were heartbreaking moments when he travelled to villages and saw many kids walked barefoot. Consequently, they were exposed to many diseases, sores and infections. Deep in his heart he wanted to do something about it. Rather than being dependent on generosity of donators to give those kids a pair of shoes, he came up with a business idea: start a shoe company that makes a new kind of alpargata. For every pair he sells, he gives a pair of new shoes to the child in need. No other percentages and formulas. He calls this: Shoes for a Better Tomorrow, which eventually became Tomorrow’s Shoes, TOMS. This guy is Blake MyCoskie, the founder of TOMS shoes (that you probably have a pair in your home).


Blake had neither experiences nor connections in shoes industry. He started with an idea, a story to tell and a promise for a better tomorrow for those kids. He created a business based on a simple idea: helping others in need and making a positive impact, NOT for making money for himself.  TOMS quickly became headlines.


You too, have a story to tell!


Allow me to re-introduce you to yourself. You are a wonderful creation that the Highest King made according to His own image. You have an assignment from God and He promises you a future full of hope.


What is your dream? Hold on to your hope!


Do not let excuses such as: “I can’t……. I don’t have…… It is impossible to……. What if………” stop you from ‘telling your stories’.

Often times, God does not require our ability; He is more concern with our availability and can-do attitude.


Start your day by declaring: “I have strength for all things in Christ who empowers me. I am ready for anything through Him who infuses inner strength to me. I am sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency.”


Refuse to be average. Let your heart soar as high as it will. (A.W. Tozer).


You and your dreams can change the world. But you have to start something that matters!

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