Stop waiting! – Feb 15

By: Yosia Yusuf


Singles… stop waiting!

Stop waiting for the right one to come!

Stop waiting for the man or woman who will complete you!

Stop making excuses to live the fullness of life that Christ already purchased for you today!


I don’t know about you, but for most part of my life, I’ve been waiting. When I was a teenager, I believe ‘true love waits’ so I waited till one day she came and tore my heart to pieces. Then someone told me that I wasn’t ready for relationship and God was in the process of preparing me to meet her. So I waited.

Years gone by and I was still waiting. “When will I be ready for her? God I think I’m mature enough by now. I’m at that age and I’m well equipped for relationship already. I have a job, I read lots of books on relationship and I know all the Bible passages on relationship. I think I’m ready.” But I remained single.

I read through the account of Genesis on how God created Adam and Eve. I found what seems to be the golden nugget. God created Eve when Adam was asleep. So what I need to do is to fully rest and be satisfied in who God is and then He will bring Eve to me. Amen? So let’s be satisfied in God and at the most unexpected time God will wake me up from my sleep and I’ll say, “Wooo… man!” Sounds like a brilliant plan. So let’s be satisfied in God while we wait for His perfect timing. So I waited.

It doesn’t take long before the waiting game becomes frustration. You thought you met the one but then things do not work out for you. Then you convince yourself that what you need to do is to fall in love with Jesus more so that you won’t idolize your relationship in the future. You believe that in this process of waiting, God is more interested in making you ‘the one’ rather than bringing you the one. But it’s just not working!

Before you label me as a heresy and stop reading, let me tell you that everything mentioned above is good and true. God does want you to be satisfied in Him. He does want you to fall in love more with Him. He is interested in making you the one. But He also wants ALL of your heart. In case that does not register in your head, let me repeat it; Jesus is not interested in having 99% of your heart satisfied in Him and 1% waiting for him or her to come. He is not interested in becoming the mean for you to have a good marriage. He wants to be your bridegroom! He says, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” Translation: stop waiting for the next best person. HE IS!

So pray for Godly marriage. Pray for your future spouse. Equip yourself to be the man or woman God desires you to be. But stop waiting! Live your life now. You are not second-class citizen of God’s kingdom just because you are single. Pursue Jesus. Don’t save yourself for that special someone. Instead, sell yourself for Christ’s glory. You already have Him and He is it. So go… and live… NOW!

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