Studying vs Learning – Nov 13

By Ellis Widjaja


“Study again?! I have enough!” – that’s what I often heard from mouths of students. From primary school to university or even career, we never avoid the word ‘studying’, but why does it sounds really burdensome to most of us?


I guess it is because often we are so focused to the ‘studying’ without looking at the journey of learning. Study means to understand, to investigate, to memorize, to give careful thoughts while the word ‘learn’ means to gain knowledge, to gain experience, to become aware of something. Study is to digest; learning is applying it or to say, playing with what you have studied. That’s where the fun part is!


One famous quote says that growing old is not a guarantee of being mature. Just as we cannot stop growing physically, we could not afford not to study. But as we go, learning process that keeps us mature. Studying might sounds studious, obviously, but learning that makes the journey fun.



Since born, we learned things non-stop; colors, numbers, shapes, things, name it all. In fact, we are still continuously learning more things now. You can be graduated from studying but you can’t from learning. You may forget the things you studied when you are 80 but it is hard to forget what you have learned through out your years.


This principle is similar with our relationship with God and our journey in living the gospel. We ought to study the Word and at the same time, learn to apply the Gospel through our lives. It is one thing to study driving theory test, it is another thing to learn how to literally drive on the road.  Most of us may forget the bible verses we memorized, but when we learn it in our daily application, it become so real and alive to us.


Thus, today I would like to invite you all, whether you are a student or a worker, a mother or a youngster, a teenager or a grown up, to approach everyday with this mindset. The question lies not on ‘what did you study?’, but more on ‘what have you learned?”. The bible says that His mercies are new every morning, so we get to approach everyday with a heart attitude that says, “what can I learn from today?”.


God teaches us to expect new things to learn everyday and so is our attitude supposed to be when it comes to life; school, work, motherhood, leadership, ministry, and many more. Nothing is a waste, everything teaches us lesson, regardless of its forms.


Do not miss on this best part just because it looks difficult. Do not let your motivation be ruined just because it’s hard; it might have been one of the biggest lessons you can ever learn, you never know!


Learning is a gift, use it wisely, and enjoy it fully while you can – and let the fun journey begins!

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