Wait for it.. Because its going to be Legendary! – May 14

By Sianny


I was in year 11 and friends were planning to continue their studies in Australia. I was so excited and yes, that was the plan, Marketing/Public Relations major in Melbourne, Australia, that’s the dream.


With all excitements in my heart, God starts showing me Opera House in my dreams and prayers. So I prayed and one word came spoke very clear to me, ‘ACCOUNTING’. Despite all of my mixed feelings, I obeyed and proceed with the next steps.


Telling my parents my future plan was not an easy task, since I am the youngest in the family and the only girl. Dad would only allowed me to go as far as Singapore because he can always visit me anytime. Mom always worried if I would fail her in my studies, so she asked me to show her my responsibilities.


Nevertheless, the plan was delayed for 1 year and I continued my Diploma in Malaysia. I did my best so I can show my parents that I am certain of my plan and my time would not be wasted in Australia. Amazingly, God has impressed them with some achievements I could not believe myself up to now, receiving outstanding awards and scholarship towards my Diploma was an additional wow factor.


If I ponder upon it, have I ever regret the decisions to obey? Should I be something else now? Should I be in somewhere else? No, because I think the life I have is, wait for it….Legendary. After years, now I understood why He wants me to take His path. God has His own plans for me in Sydney, easy residency, job, ministry and partner in life. He provided it all in His own timing. But is that it? No, I believe there are more to come in the future, just wait for it.


Fighting a good fight of faith is the art of life. We run for the visions, we live towards the visions. Life may not be the easiest when you obey, but is it worth of the wait and fights? YES, IT IS.



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