Work or Study? – Nov 14

By Ebnu Wiyono


I came toSydneyfrom a decent family background. I still remember the first time I arrived inSydney, the first food that I ate was in McDonald. I told my cousin that I just want to have a simple breakfast that is cheap and fulfilling, so he brought me to McDonald. I spent around 10 minutes looking at the menu. My cousin the asked me what would I like to order. I could not make my decision at that time! Not because I did not know what I want to have, but $5 seemed to be very expensive to my eyes! To spend 35,000 Rupiah just for McMuffin was just too expensive for me.

I still remember few months ago I wrote an article to encourage students to get a casual job while they study. I still agree that students should do a casual job even when they are studying, however, these days there are lot of students who prioritize their work more than their study. In my case, I had no choice to not work when I was in uni. I had to work to support my financial, but I had to make sure that my job did not disturb my study. Your study should be your top priority, not your job.

There are 2 things that I want to share about working while studying:

  1.  No matter how difficult your financial condition is, do not forsake your study. There many people out there wishing that they have the opportunity to study in university. Do not be one of those people who satisfied with just getting ‘Pass’ for all the grades. Do not believe those people that study is not important than working. To be able to study here inAustraliais a blessing. It is not something to be taken granted of. Do your best, study well and aim for the highest.
  2. Graduating with good greats makes your parents proud and happy, working too much is not. I still remember the smile on my mom’s face when she saw me holding the certificate of my Bachelor. To be able to see my mom smiled and be proud of me was an absolute great joy. But imagine if I neglected my study so that I could work more, would my mom be happy with that? Would she be happy to see me struggling in my study and probably failed some of the subjects? She would not. It is a parent’s joy to see their children do well in their study. Isn’t it a great feeling to see our parents smiling at us? J

You don’t have to agree with my concept in this topic. But I believe, to be able to study is a blessing and I do not want to waste that great opportunity. I was sent toAustraliato study, and I wanted to finish it well. Therefore, manage your uni life well and remember, enjoy your uni life! It is much more fun than what you think, if you do not take it as a burden. Take it as a journey, because that what life is about, journey.

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